Does your company have a Mission Statement? If so, you’re far from alone. Many businesses have these page-long documents, normally written by one of the executives, and all the employees must read it at least once.

What’s wrong with that? Nothing whatsoever, provided all your employees (1) know what it says, (2) believe in it and (3) live it. But how many people can recite, much less live, the contents of your Statement? Can you recite it?

That’s where the Pro-Vision™ comes in. A Pro-Vision™ is a summary statement of identity and purpose that has heart and passion.

I first encountered a Pro-Vision™ when I joined the Scouts, though we call it a motto: “Be Prepared.” It’s only two words, but it sums up the basis of everything they teach. As a Scout, I learned – often the hard way – that being prepared sure beats trying to just “wing it”.

One of the first things I work with my Players on is to distill their goals into a small statement, no more than a sentence, and then to diligently teach it to their employees, day in and day out. Soon enough, they find themselves moving toward something that everyone – you, your employees, your clients and your competition – will recognize as distinctive.

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