edDr. Ed Cerny (pronounced Sir*knee – means “black” in Czech.) grew up all over the world as an Army brat: Europe, the Pacific Rim, the Caribbean and the U.S. He has successfully coached at both the high school and college ranks. His business experience includes being a textile marketing executive for the Allied Chemical Corp. in NY and a marketing and sales director for several Nautilus Fitness Centers. Ed earned a BA from the University of Kentucky, an MBA from Fordham University in NY and a Ph.D. from USC. Dr. Cerny was a business professor at Coastal Carolina University from 1983 to 1995. He is the author of the following books:

family-portraitIn 1995 Dr. Cerny founded the Coach’s Corner – a corporate communications company. He creates visioning, leadership and team building programs for both large and small companies. He also does programs on conflict resolution, customer service, goal setting, and time management, as well as one-on-one mentoring. Ed is a certified Platinum Rule® Instructor. Ed and his wife, Zoe Ann, have been married since 1971. Zoe Ann is a retired college professor. The Lord has blessed them with four great children, three great son-in-laws, and six wonderful grandchildren.

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